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Click Here To View All Of My Listings!

I am now offering Custom Videos starting at:

$20 a minute, with a 10 Minute minimum


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$20 per pic with a minimum of 10 pictures


Coach Teaches Naughty Lessons Clip

From my series

ThrowBack Thursdays

Coach Teaches Naughty Lessons Part One & Two

A Hot little clip around a minute long, where coach takes his big fat

cock and slides it in my bottom! 🙂


Putting My Hair In Pigtails


This is a cute little clip of me putting my hair in pigtails,

before a roleplay.



About 1 Minute Long

This is a hot clip, from my video

Put It In My Pussy Then My Bottom,

Where I cum Really Hard,

During a cam show, while I use my

Hitachi Vibrator AND a Long Toy,

In my pussy, and then in my bottom,

While watching a Hard & Horny cock on cam,

On my big screen!

In this clip see my long toy, slide from my pussy, to my bottom 🙂



Avril’s Hitachi Wand Cum Clip



 This is a clip, of over 2 minutes long, of me using my Hitachi vibe.  It is one of my FAVORITE toys! It is so powerful and makes me cum so hard! I’m practically cumming from start to finish!