Avril’s Hall Of Fame Pets

Here are some pics of my horny sluts,

obeying my every whim!


2016-08-17 (2)

Wooo! I keep collecting more pets! I love it 💋👯

Here is one of my newer bitches!
I am so excited to own this horny slut hee hee 😜 I call him P.Bitch 💖 lol

He is so fun to make do whatever I want…. and what I loved was, that included getting him drunk!

while his girlfriend was away for the day LOL 😜

Which is funny….. Because it made him P like every 10 seconds LOL…. No joke! hee hee

Chug Chug Chug! hee hee



One of my FAVORITE things to do, is make you give yourself a self-facial! he he 😉

Or milk a cock on your face!!! 😋

This is one my HORNY nympho sluts above, which I just love! 🙂


Bullseye! hee hee!


 I LOVE putting you in cock cages, rubberbands, clothespins, and the list goes on! 😉

Your cock is MINE!





You know you want to be good, and eat every bit of cum, exactly how I tell you to 😉 he he




Whether it is forcing you to do anal, or just giving you the anal fucking you crave, I love making you my slutty buttboy 😉

My Strap-On is one of my favorite toys! he he 😉



This is one of my Favorite pets above!

My little slut is so obedient, and ALWAYS comes dressed to the nines!


I just have a ball making you my tipsy Slut, Fag, or Loser, so I can MARK you, he he 😉

And making you dress up, put on make-up and turning you into my slut is too much fun! 🙂img_7621

And this is another one of my Favorite horny sluts!! Always dressing up so sexy and hungry for a big fat dicks!

Oh and EAGER for me to do anything I want to this sexy little pet! hee hee!😋


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hee hee hee!!!
It has been awhile since I have posted pix of my pets 🙂
Although that is not to reflect that I have not been
INUNDATED with requests for me to slut them out,
Tease All Sorts Of Info With My Sexy Outfits, FORCE them to do my will, post them on my blogs,
etc, hee hee 🙂

Enjoy! 😉 hee hee!

I cannot tell you how much fun I have making you do and say all the humiliating things I think up!

It also makes me laugh so good teasing and making fun of you, too!


And this sexy girl, with Big Boobies, which I love! 😛

Can REALLY suck a cock!

She showed me her AMAZING skills!


Here is a professor, and a naughty one at that! hee hee
So I made him spank himself, For me, hee hee!
(among other kinky things)
This particular pet REALLY loves me taking pix and videos of him,
While I make him do slutty, horny things 🙂

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